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NCLEX Exam 2024: What You Need to Know

Are you stressing out due to the new Next Generation NCLEX exam pattern? Or do you want to make it up on the first attempt? If so, then you are in the right place. This article will walk you through everything you need about the new exam format and how to prepare effectively.

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NCLEX Exam 2024: What You Need to Know

Passing this exam is crucial for every nurse in their career. Understanding the new format and preparing for it is also essential. First, let’s learn about the NCLEX and the next-generation NCLEX changes to understand what it is. 

Or jump directly to the tips for preparation for NCLEX. 

Preparing for the Next Generation NCLEX: What You Need to Know

What Is NCLEX?

What’s New in the Next Generation NCLEX?

General Tips for NCLEX Preparation

Start Early

Create a Study Schedule

Use Multiple Resources

Know What’s Covered

Understand the Exam’s Format

Build Test Endurance

Assess Yourself Honestly

Know Your Learning Style

Focus on Real-World Application

Use Different Strategies

Manage the Test Experience

Last-Minute NCLEX Tips

How To Pass Next Gen NCLEX? Proven Tricks

Tutoring Services for NGN NCLEX Preparation


What Is NCLEX? 

The NCLEX, or National Council Licensure Examination, is an essential test for nursing students. It’s a ticket to becoming a licensed nurse. But here’s the scoop: the exam is getting a makeover. The Next Generation NCLEX is rolling out with some significant changes.

A group of students preparing for NCLEX exams

Why should you care? Well, these updates will affect how you study and take the test. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got your back with all the info and tips you need to crush the NGN.

What’s New in the Next Generation NCLEX?

The changes in the test were made to improve the nursing experience, and only professionals were hired for this field. This test can better evaluate a candidate’s clinical judgment and decision-making skills. 

Let’s break down the key differences between the NGN and older versions.

  1. New Question Types

The NGN introduces fresh question formats. You’ll see more than just multiple-choice questions.

  • Select-all-that-apply questions
  • Drag-and-drop items
  • Case studies

Step-by-step guide on how to write a case study

  1. Focus on Clinical Judgment

The NGN puts a spotlight on clinical judgment. What does that mean? It’s all about how well you can think on your feet in practical nursing scenarios. You’ll need to show you can make intelligent decisions quickly.

  1. Changed Test-Taking Experience

With these new question types, your test-taking experience will be different. You must adapt to various formats and think more critically about each question.

This new method introduces practical skills unlike the traditional NCLEX, which is forced only on textbooks. This format helps to judge how well you can apply your knowledge in practical scenarios. 

General Tips for NCLEX Preparation

Now that you know what’s changing, let’s discuss how to study for Next Gen NCLEX. The format has changed the way students prepare. As the test format has changed, the preparation format should also change. Here are some essential tips to get you started with this new revised format. 

Tips for NCLEX exams preparation

Start Early

Don’t take your time! Kick off your study journey as soon as you can. This is an advantage if students can understand it. You’ll have plenty of time to cover all the material without feeling rushed or stressed. 

This approach allows you to digest information comfortably, review tricky concepts multiple times, and gradually build confidence. Remember, cramming might work for some exams, but for the NCLEX, slow and steady wins the race!

Create a Study Schedule

Map out your study time. Set aside regular slots for NCLEX prep. It could be two hours every evening or longer sessions on weekends. Stick to your schedule to stay on track.

A NGN NCLEX study guide will keep you accountable and help you make steady progress. Remember to include breaks and time for other activities to keep your mind fresh.

Use Multiple Resources

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket regarding study materials. Mix it up! Use a variety of resources, such as textbooks, online practice questions, video tutorials, and study groups. 

Each resource gives a different perspective on the material. Books give in-depth explanations, while practice Next Gen Nursing questions help you apply your knowledge. 

Nursing students preparing for Next Gen NCLEX exams

Online resources often have the most up-to-date information on the NGN format. Look for study materials specifically designed for it. 

These resources will give you targeted practice with the new question types. It also helps you develop the clinical judgment skills the exam is testing. Next Gen NCLEX prep tools will ensure you’re fully prepared for what you’ll face on test day.

Know What’s Covered

Get familiar with what’s on the exam. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) provides a detailed test plan like a cheat sheet for what to study! This plan breaks down the content areas and how much of the exam each topic covers.

Use it as your study guide. When you know what is coming up next, you can easily ace your exam by tackling it.

Understand the Exam’s Format

The Next Generation NCLEX has some new tricks up its sleeve. Get to know the different question types and how the test is structured. You might see traditional multiple-choice questions and new formats like drag-and-drop or case studies. 

Take practice exams to get used to the new format. Knowing what to expect will make you feel more comfortable and confident on exam day.

Build Test Endurance

Take NCLEX as a marathon, not as a sprint. It’s a long exam that can last up to six hours. That’s why it’s crucial to build your test-taking stamina. Here are some tips to build stamina for this extended test. 

  • Practice taking full-length tests under timed conditions.
  • Take some time to stretch during the exam.
  • Get good sleep at night before the exam. 

Assess Yourself Honestly

Be your coach and regularly check your progress. Take practice tests and be honest about your results. Where are you acing it? Where do you need more work? 

Nursing student in exam center for NCLEX exam

This self-assessment will help you focus your study efforts where they’re most needed. Remember, identifying weaknesses isn’t a setback—it’s an opportunity to improve!

Know Your Learning Style

Everyone learns differently. Are you a visual learner who loves diagrams and charts? An auditory learner who benefits from listening to lectures? Or a hands-on learner who needs to practice skills? 

Figure out what works best for you and tailor your study methods accordingly. If you’re a visual learner, use colourful notes and mind maps. Auditory learners might benefit from recorded lectures or study groups. Identify your learning style. It will help you absorb and retain information more effectively.

Focus on Real-World Application

The Next Gen NCLEX is all about testing your clinical judgment. It’s not just about memorizing facts – it’s about applying your knowledge to practical nursing scenarios. 

So, during the preparation, always ask yourself, “How would I use this in a real patient situation?” This mini-set will help you develop the critical thinking skills the NGN nursing is looking for. 

Use Different Strategies 

As you study, pay attention to the methods helping you learn. Maybe flashcards are your secret weapon, or group study sessions clarify your concepts. Whatever works, do more of it! 

At the same time, feel free to drop techniques that aren’t helping. If reading textbooks puts you to sleep, try video tutorials instead. Be flexible and focus on strategies that give you the best results. 

Manage the Test Experience

To ace the NCLEX, you can focus on something other than material. Instead, it’s about how you manage the test experience yourself. For this purpose, practice time management skills so you can pace yourself during the exam. 

Apart from this, learn stress-reduction techniques like deep breathing or positive visualization. These skills will help you stay calm and focused when test day arrives. This way, you can combat test anxiety and perform your best.

Last-Minute NCLEX Tips

As test day approaches, remember these tips and don’t be nervous.

Students discussing NGN exam last minute before starting

Review Key Concepts

In the days before the exam, focus on high-yield topics. Refrain from cramming new information.

Target Weak Areas

Spend extra time on subjects you find challenging. A final review can boost your confidence.

Relax and Manage Stress

Practice deep breathing or meditation to calm your nerves. A relaxed mind performs better on test day.

How To Pass Next Gen NCLEX? Proven Tricks

Want to know the topper secret NCLEX tips for passing? We have some tried and tested strategies to help you crush this exam. 

  1. What to Bring to the Test Center

Pack your ID, snacks, and a water bottle. Leave prohibited items at home to avoid stress at check-in.

  1. Time Management During the Exam

Pace yourself. Only spend a little bit of time on any one question. If you need more clarification, make your best guess and move on.

  1. Interpreting NCLEX Results

After the exam, resist the urge to overthink. The “NCLEX trick” isn’t reliable, so wait for your official results.

Tutoring Services for NGN NCLEX Preparation

If you are still unsure about how to prepare for your exams and need extra help, then opt for an online tutoring service. At Expert Tutors, we provide exceptional nursing tutoring services. Ace your Next Gen NCLEX exams with our qualified tutors. Here is what we have for nursing students like you. 

  • Personalized instruction tailored to your learning style
  • One-on-one sessions with experienced nurses
  • Targeted practice with Next Generation NCLEX questions
  • Nursing student searching for online help

Our students have seen great success in NCLEX exams. Many reports feeling more confident and prepared after working with our tutors. Ready to boost your NCLEX prep? Contact us to get started with a tutor today. 


Know for a fact that the Next Gen NCLEX exam is challenging. Many students give up, and others get set for another chance. This can’t be the case for you if you follow these strategies and apply them honestly. 

Stay positive and keep your end goal in mind. If you find it difficult, just use an online tutoring service. We’re here to help you succeed and achieve your nursing career goals.

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