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PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments


Capella University

PHI FPX 1200

Professor, Name

May 9th, 2024

Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

Evaluating our skills, goals, and achievements is essential for personal growth and guiding our actions effectively. In this assessment, I’ll discuss my objectives, highlighting specific goals that inspire me to keep improving. I’ll also reflect on my strengths, outlining how they’ve helped me overcome challenges and accomplish my ambitions. I’ll identify areas for growth to refine my skills and become more versatile. Alongside my achievements, I will share the valuable lessons these experiences have taught me, offering insight into how each accomplishment has shaped my journey. I’ll conclude with reflections on how these experiences have influenced my personal and professional development.

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

Part 1: About Me


A quote by Anna Freud has always inspired me and reminded me to focus on my values and goals. She said, “I used to look outside for strength and confidence, but they come from within and have always been there.” Her words show me that I can achieve my goals if I put in the effort and trust my inner strength.

My Goal

My goal is to find success in every area of my life. Personally, I aim for a fulfilling lifestyle that meets my needs, along with a peaceful home where I can spend quality time with family and loved ones. Academically, I want to gather knowledge that will enhance my career while refining my practical skills. Professionally, I strive for success in my field and a stable financial future.

My areas of Strength

My strengths include strong communication skills and a passion for leading and managing change. In my previous role as a nursing manager, I mediated staff disagreements, communicated healthcare plans with diverse stakeholders, and identified measures of success. I am approachable and skilled at bridging the gap between frontline workers and executives. One notable example of my adaptability, especially at the start of the pandemic, was effectively managing our information technology infrastructure.

Areas of Growth and Improvement

One area where I need to grow is finding a balance between my personal and professional life. I can make better use of my time at work and home by planning thoughtfully and setting realistic goals and expectations. Creating and following a schedule has significantly reduced stress and helped me achieve better results. I’ve already begun cutting back on my work hours, and I’m planning to use a scheduling app to organize my time for both work and self-improvement.

Solving Problems

Maintaining a balance between personal and professional life is crucial for resolving many issues. It enables me to focus on both areas with greater attention and dedication. This balance reduces the confusion and stress that arise from an imbalance, which can hinder critical thinking and problem-solving. With a healthier balance, I can approach challenges with clarity and make better decisions.

Part 2: Accomplishment Statements

Accomplishment: 1

ChallengeTraining junior staff in patient care management within a reasonable timeframe.
ActionDeveloped a timetable outlining tasks to be completed within a specific timeframe.
ResultCompleted training on time, freeing up space for personal tasks. Patient satisfaction improved, which benefited the healthcare company.
DetailsPreviously, training took 2-3 hours due to a lack of planning. After implementing the timetable, the session lasted 1.5 hours, and I avoided overtime caused by poor task management.

Accomplishment: 2

ChallengeInitially faced resistance due to lack of direct experience
ActionInvested time and energy in acquiring relevant education and training in surgery.
ResultSuccessfully integrated into the surgical department
DetailsRegularly assisted the junior department and decided to switch to surgical department based on experience assisting once a week.

Story 1

ChallengeBalancing patient needs amid constant changes and maintaining personal integrity.
ActionVerify records electronically, prioritize individual patient needs, conduct thorough checks.
ResultMinimize treatment-related issues
DetailsEmphasize learning from past experiences to progress in the healthcare field.

Story 2

ChallengeThe previous job lacked positive work experience and hindered improvement due to a lack of knowledge.
ActionInvested additional time and effort in preparation to maintain high standards.
ResultIdentified areas for improvement and made necessary adjustments to job performance.
DetailsRecognized lack of growth opportunities in former organization due to perceived absence of grey areas.
Accomplishment Story 1
            During my time at a local healthcare center, I specialized in nursing care, ensuring that best practices were followed to improve clinical efficiency and patient safety. I aimed to finish my tasks before 10 a.m. so I could assess their quality before starting work with patients. To achieve this, I created a plan with a strict schedule and deadlines. I prioritized reviewing patients’ treatment details and health with a senior doctor and created electronic health records before handling more complex responsibilities. As a result, I managed to cut my work time in half and consistently meet my 10 a.m. deadline. This preparation helped me excel in my annual evaluation, after which I requested a transfer to the surgical department.
Accomplishment Story 2
            When I first chose to work in healthcare in 2020, one of my goals was to become a surgery manager eventually. The surgical department was in need of assistance during procedures, and my hospital team, recognizing my extensive experience and eagerness to work there, promoted me to the role. I was relieved and excited to transition into the surgical department, where my training and quick learning skills made a strong impression.

Part 3: Reflect on Your Experiences

Creating a list of my accomplishments, areas for growth, goals, and skills has proven beneficial. Reflecting on what changes are necessary in my career and ambitions motivates me to put in the required effort to achieve my objectives. Strengthening my critical thinking skills can enhance my confidence and professional success as a nurse. I plan to analyze this list regularly, providing detailed summaries of challenging situations I face or have faced within the healthcare organization.

Collaborating effectively with others is vital for reaching my goals, especially in Part 2. Teamwork among healthcare providers has significantly impacted patient satisfaction scores. To help the surgical unit assess the quality of my work, I intend to highlight my achievements in my resume. I’m also open to sharing my experience and successes with surgical teams from other organizations.

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