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Capella Library

Capella University is a renowned institution that provides top-quality online learning to many students. Established in 1993, Capella delivers a variety of graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs designed to meet the demands of professionals who want to enhance their careers and achieve the academic objectives they have set for themselves.

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One of Capella University’s distinct characteristics is its commitment to learning based on competency. This approach focuses on mastery of specific skills and knowledge areas relevant to the fields of study students choose. This allows students to advance according to their individual pace and demonstrate their proficiency through projects and assessments that demonstrate their capabilities.


Capella University Library is an essential resource center for faculty, students, and staff. The library offers various academic resources, including research tools and services designed to facilitate the pursuit of knowledge and research. As the online gateway to a wealth of library resources and information, the library is essential in providing Access to information, encouraging academic excellence, and promoting continuous learning in and within the Capella community.

With an easy-to-use interface and simple navigation features, the library’s website gives users seamless Access to an extensive range of digital resources, such as scholarly journals, ebooks, databases, and multimedia content. If students are conducting studies, searching for material for their courses, or researching new areas, the library provides an extensive selection of resources that can meet their academic needs.

One distinctive feature distinguishing Capella University Library is its dedication to providing personalized assistance and support. Professional librarians and information experts are on hand to offer advice, answer any questions, and provide research assistance via various methods, such as chat, email, and online consultations. These specialists work with faculty and students to develop their literacy skills in information, refine strategies for research, and identify appropriate resources for academic projects and assignments.

The important role of Capella Library

Capella University Library plays a crucial role in assisting the academic pursuits of faculty, students, and staff by allowing Access to educational resources, research tools, and other services.

Access to Academic Library Resources: The library has an array of digital sources, including academic journals, ebooks, databases, and multimedia resources. These are essential resources for conducting research, completing assignments, and keeping track of advancements in different research disciplines.

Libraries facilitate learning and research: With access to numerous and reliable resources, libraries facilitate learning and research. Students can explore topics in-depth, access primary sources, and study scholarly works to increase their knowledge.

Help for Information Literacy Library services play vital roles in the development of students’ knowledge literacy skills. Librarians can provide advice on the most effective research strategies, including citation techniques, and verify the credibility of sources, helping students navigate the complicated world of information in confidence.

Personalized assistance: Librarians and information specialists can offer customized help and support for faculty and students. Through chat, email, or virtual consults with these professionals, they can advise on locating information sources, refining topics for research, and effectively using libraries.

Accessibility and Convenience Online access to the library offers convenience and accessibility to faculty, students, and staff. Users can access the library’s services and resources remotely anytime, using any device connected to the internet, and eliminate obstacles to accessing information.

Collaboration with faculty: The library cooperates with faculty members to incorporate information literacy into the curriculum, ensuring that students acquire the necessary research abilities. Librarians work with instructors to assist in achieving the goals of courses, provide specific materials, and improve students’ learning experiences.

Promoting Academic Integrity The library supports academic integrity by offering guidance regarding ethics in research, ethical citation practice rules, and avoiding plagiarism. Through workshops, tutorials, and other resources, the library promotes the importance of maintaining academic integrity and honesty throughout the Capella community.

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Accessing Capella University Library

Capella Library Login Process

Logging into the Capella University Library access is simple for faculty, students, and staff. This is a brief overview of how to log in.

  • Check out Capella University’s website. Go to the Capella University website and navigate to the Library section.
  • Select”Login” or click on the “Login” button or link on the library’s homepage.
  • The user will be prompted to type in your Capella University username and password generally, which are the same credentials you use to access other resources at the university, for example, your online courses or email.
  • After entering your login credentials, click “Login” to access the library’s online services and resources.

Online Access and Physical Access

Capella University Library offers access both online and physically to its services and resources, which meet the various requirements and preferences of its users.

  • Online Access: Using the library’s website, patrons can access various digital resources, such as journals, databases, ebooks, and multimedia content. Online access offers convenience and flexibility and allows users to look up information, read articles from scholarly journals, and conduct research anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, the online library platform offers services like chat assistance, online consultations and discussions with librarians, and access to tools for managing citations, which enhance patron research.
  • Physical Access Although most library materials are accessible electronically, Capella University also maintains physical library spaces in several places. These libraries offer access to printed materials, computer workstations, study rooms, and other facilities. Customers who prefer a more traditional library setting or want Access to print resources can visit these physical libraries to access libraries’ services and library resources in person. The staff of the library can assist patrons with inquiries about research, assistance with reference services, as well as other assistance needs.
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Capella Library Resources

Databases are available

Capella University Library provides Access to an array of databases covering various disciplines and subjects. They provide valuable sources like academic journals, articles, research reports, and other academic resources. A few examples of databases accessible via Capella Library include

  • ProQuest
  • EBSCOhost
  • ScienceDirect
  • PubMed
  • PsycINFO
  • ERIC (Education Resource Information Center)
  • Business Source Complete
  • LexisNexis Academic
  • SAGE Journals Online
  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Each database has unique contents and features specific to academic fields. It allows users to study scholarly works or conduct research and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in their field of study.

Scholarly Sources

Identifying scholarly sources is vital to conducting academic research and ensuring the information’s reliability and credibility. Capella Library provides guidance and tools to assist users in identifying the most reliable sources for scholarly research. Here are some suggestions for finding academic sources

  1. Peer-Reviewed Journals: Scholarly sources typically appear in peer-reviewed journals. Experts within the area review these articles before publication. Users can use database filters and search features to restrict the results only to peer-reviewed academic journals.
  2. Author Credentials: These sources are usually written by researchers, experts, or scholars with qualifications and affiliations in their fields of expertise. The user can assess the author’s credentials by examining their academic credentials, affiliations with institutions, and research experience.
  3. References and Citations Sources of scholarly research include references and citations to other works of scholarly research, which allow readers to track the source of information and verify its authenticity and accuracy. Users can review the list of citations and references mentioned in the source to evaluate its academic merit.
  4. Abstracts and content: Scholarly publications typically include elaborate abstracts summarizing the research’s objectives, methodology, results, and conclusions. The reader can read the source’s abstract and content to evaluate its importance, the rigor of scholarly research, and its contribution to the discipline.
  5. Journal Reputation Scholarly sources are usually published in respected journals for academics or with well-established editorial guidelines and peer review procedures. Users can evaluate the reputation and impact of the journal to assess its significance and quality.

Capella Library Assistance

Support Services Provided

Capella University Library offers support services to aid students, faculty, and staff with their academic and research endeavors. The services aim to offer guidance, support, and other resources that facilitate learning, information exploration, and research.

  • Help with Research: Library librarians and information experts are available to offer personalized assistance in research, helping users narrow their research subjects, find relevant sources, and devise effective strategies for searching.
  • Library Reference Service: Capella Library offers reference services for inquiries pertaining to research methods, library resources such as citation styles and research methodologies, and many other information-related needs. Customers can contact library staff via chat, email, or online consultations for help.
  • Help with Instruction: The library offers instruction through workshops, tutorials, and webinars on subjects such as research skills, information literacy, navigation through databases, and academic integrity. These instructional materials aim to increase users’ research and information literacy skills.
  • Interlibrary loan (ILL): Capella Library allows Access to materials not in its collection via Interlibrary Loan services. Customers may request publications, papers, and other material from other libraries, allowing Access to additional resources not part of the library’s collections.
  • Document Delivery: The library provides document delivery services for users to receive electronic copies of publications, book chapters, and other collections. Users can request documents, and staff at the library will locate and send the requested material by email.
  • Citation Management Capella Library supports tools to manage citations like RefWorks and Zotero, helping users manage references, generate bibliographies and citations, and manage bibliographies for academic research and documents.
  • Library guides and tutorials provide extensive guides, tutorials, and research tools to aid users in using library resources, conducting research, and effectively citing sources. The resources are available on the library’s website to assist with self-directed learning and research.
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Utilizing Capella Library for Research

Summon Search Function

Capella University Library provides the Summon search feature, a powerful tool for browsing multiple library resources at once.

  • The Summon search feature is accessible to users via the Summon search feature on their library’s website. Just go to the library’s homepage and look for a Summon search. Summon searching bar.
  • To begin an online search, you can type keywords, phrases, or topics in the Summon search bar. It is helpful to select specific keywords related to the research topic to get relevant results.
  • Refining Search Results After searching, users can apply various filters and facets to refine their results. Filters can narrow results based on publication date, type of resource or subject, and many other options.
  • Reading Results users can browse through the results of their searches to locate relevant sources, such as books, scholarly articles, videos, ebooks, and much more. Every search result includes detailed details about the source, including the author’s name, title, publication date, and source.
  • Users who can access Full Text can get the full text of books, articles, and other sources directly from Summon result pages. If the full text isn’t immediately accessible, users may use interlibrary loan services or document delivery to access the required materials.

Comparing the articles of Capella Library and Google Scholar

While conducting research, researchers can choose to read the articles of each Capella Library and Google Scholar to access a wide range of scholarly resources.

Capella Library:

Capella Library provides Access to an extensive collection of scholarly sources, including peer-reviewed journals, electronic books, databases, and much more. Articles retrieved via Capella Library are sourced from reliable academic publishers and are usually submitted to a rigorous peer review prior to publication. Users can access these articles by conducting a database search, Summon search, or browsing through the library’s collections.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Google Scholar is an entirely open search engine that indexes academic literature from various sources, such as libraries, journals, scholarly publications, and universities’ websites. Articles found on Google Scholar can include peer-reviewed articles, conferences, theses, and other academic materials. Although Google Scholar offers broad coverage and accessibility, users must be careful when reviewing sources since not all content is peer-reviewed or from trusted sources.

Comparing Articles

When looking at articles from Capella Library and Google Scholar, users should consider the source’s credibility, peer review status, quality of publication, and relevance to the research topic. Although both databases can offer helpful information and insights, the articles published by Capella Library are typically sourced from reputable academic publishers and databases, ensuring higher trust and quality assurance.

Capella University Alumni Library

Capella University provides library access to alumni, offering essential resources and support after graduation.

Access to Alumni

Capella, the University Alumni Library, gives alumni continuous Access to various library services and resources that support their ongoing learning and professional growth. While Access might differ from that for students today, alumni can access an array of online sources, databases, and other resources via an Alumni Library portal.

Benefits of Former Students

The Alumni Library program offers several advantages for alumni of Capella University students, empowering students to remain connected to the campus community and further develop their knowledge beyond their graduation.

  1. Electronic Resources Alumni can access an array of electronic resources, including journals, databases, ebooks, and other scholarly resources, for their academic research, professional development, and personal interests.
  2. Continuous Learning Opportunities: Alumni have access to ongoing learning opportunities via webinars, online tutorials, and instructional resources provided by the Alumni Library. These resources cover research skills, information literacy, professional development, career planning, and more.
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  1. Career Services The Career Services Alumni Library may provide Access to resources and career services to help alumni with their job and career-search initiatives. This might comprise Access to online job listings and career development resources, including resume assistance and networking opportunities.
  2. Professional Development: Alumni have Access to resources and services that assist in their ongoing professional development. This includes Access to Research specific to their industry, continuing education opportunities, and resources for building skills relevant to their areas of expertise.
  3. Opportunities for Networking: Alumni Library programs and events could provide an opportunity to network with alumni and with other graduates, faculty members, fellow alumni, and business professionals, encouraging an atmosphere of belonging and collaboration among the Capella University alumni network.


In the end, Capella University Library stands as a pillar for academic assistance and growth for the campus community. With its plethora of digital resources and personalized support from experts and staff, the library helps faculty, students, and alumni be successful in their academic endeavors. By focusing on excellence and technological advancement, Capella Library remains a vital resource hub that fosters an environment that encourages critical thought, inquiry, and lifelong learning among its patrons.

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