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About Maryville Denver University

Maryville University, near St. Louis, Missouri, is well-known for its modern and helpful approach to education. They really care about making sure students learn well and succeed. At Maryville, students can make their college experience on their own. Whether you like feeling at home, enjoying a high-tech campus, or joining in on lots of events and sports, there’s something for you.


Preparing for a job is important at Maryville. They have people called Life Coaches who help students with their studies and careers. And there are plenty of clubs and sports teams where you can meet friends who like the same things you do. You have lots of choices at Maryville. You can go to classes in person or online, whatever works best for you. They want to make sure you can fit college into your life.


Maryville is proud of how well their graduates do after college. Almost all of them find jobs or continue their studies within six months. And Maryville is growing fast, with lots of students from different backgrounds. They work with big companies like Boeing and Edward Jones to offer programs that match what the job market needs. They’ve been teaching for over 150 years and they’re always finding new ways to help students learn.


Degrees Offered By Maryville Denver University

Top Bachelor’s Degrees Offered By Maryville Denver University Both In-Campus And Online

Bachelor’s in Accounting

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Bachelor’s in Communication

Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity

Bachelor’s in Data Science

Bachelor’s in Digital Media

Bachelor’s in English

Bachelor’s in Exercise Science

Bachelor’s in Finance

Bachelor’s in Psychology

Bachelor’s in Sociology

Bachelor’s in Sustainability

RN to Bachelor’s in Nursing

Graduate Programs Offered By Maryville Denver University 

College Of Arts And Sciences

Actuarial Science (MS)

Data Science (MS)

John E. Simon School Of Business

Business Administration (MBA)

Evening or Blended

School Of Education

Education (MAEd)

Post-baccalaureate Certification in Elementary, Middle School or Secondary

Education (MAEd)

Without Certification

Educational Administration (MAEd) with Principal Certification

Educational Leadership (EdD)

Reading/Literacy (MAEd) with Certification

Principal Bridge to the EdD in Educational Leadership

Teacher Leadership (EdD)

Myrtle E. And Earl E. Walker College Of Health Professions

Music Therapy (MMT)

Occupational Therapy (MOT)

Physical Therapy (DPT)

Freshman Direct Entry

Speech-Language Pathology (MS)

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